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Solana customer getting laser hair removal procedure

LASER HAIR REMOVAL (Lumenis Splendor X™)

A unique solid-state laser system powers Splendor and gives unprecedented laser power, speed, and coverage rate.

Binary Laser Emission of Nd: YAG and Alexandrite wavelengths can be adjusted to varying proportions to customize treatment according to your skin type, hair color, and thickness, allowing safe and effective treatment. Powerful, fast, and versatile. Splendor treats a wide range of hair removal processes and skin conditions.

Laser hair removal uses a concentrated beam of laser light to remove unwanted hair. During the treatment, the laser sends out a light absorbed by the melanin or pigment in the hair. Light energy is changed to heat, and the heat damages the hair follicles. This damage delays or inhibits future hair growth. Laser hair removal may require up to six treatments. If you are trying to get rid of hair on your upper lip, the treatment can be repeated four to eight weeks. Areas that have slow hair growth likes you back, and treatment can be every 12 to 16 weeks.

Laser hair removal is not effective for hair colors that do not absorb light like gray, blond, white, and red hair. However, Splendor is advancing beyond these problems and can effectively remove any color hair. Talk to your aesthetician at Solanaspalemont to determine if laser hair removal is best for you and your skin type.

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