IV Vitamin Therapy + Shots

We are all concerned about spreading illnesses, and what better way to stop illnesses from spreading is to build your body’s immune protection? Different injections are available to enhance your immune system and help your body fight illnesses, minimize their impact, and shorten their duration.

Immune defense means reducing exposure to bacteria and viruses. Reduced exposure follows CDC recommendations, such as minimizing exposure to people showing symptoms of contagious diseases, washing your hands often, avoiding touching your face, and limiting close contact. These ways are effective, but these precautions won’t stop every disease from impacting your body. The best defense is to bolster your body’s immune system and give it the means to help keep you healthy.

Feel inspired and feel better from the inside with Solana IV Vitamin Therapy + Shots.
Intravenous drips and intramuscular injections by-pass the digestive system to deliver vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for maximum absorption. These can be used proactively to maintain optimal wellness or when you are not feeling your best.

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