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Traveling soon, or feeling a possible cold coming on? Boost your immunity, help combat viral and bacterial illnesses, and expedite healing with our wellness IV. This IV includes Myer’s cocktail (vitamin C, B-complex, calcium, magnesium), as well as zinc.

A cold, or the occasional flu is generally nothing to worry too much about. Having said that, sometimes it’s just not the right time for a cold. Whether you have a big trip coming up, or simply have elder family members or young children that may be at risk in your household. In these cases, it might be best to take some precautions to avoid getting sick.

Vitamin C and calcium support your immune system on a daily basis, and fortifying your body’s supply of these vitamins can help prepare you to fight off bacterial infections. Magnesium and zinc meanwhile, have been shown to alleviate cold and flu symptoms, as well as speed along recovery. All of these carefully chosen vitamins make our IV drips the perfect combination to give your body a fighting chance against all the bacteria you come into contact with on a daily basis.

Moreover, an IV delivers vitamins and minerals to your body much quicker than simply stocking up on healthy foods. Ordinarily, vitamins and minerals derived from fruits and veggies have to go through your body’s digestion process before they can even be utilized. IV fluids are delivered directly into your bloodstream on the other hand, ensuring they’re available for use much quicker.

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