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What’s the difference between PRP, PRF & PRF EZ GEL?

Each regenerative treatment uses the power of platelets!

Let’s explain the science behind what platelets are and what they do!

Blood contains four ingredients: red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma. The platelets in your blood are responsible for clotting, and prevent us from bleeding out. But platelets do much more than just that! Once the bleeding is controlled, your platelets release growth factors and cytokines to initiate the healing cascade, which includes recruiting white blood cells, stem cells and growth factors to help heal the injured area.

With platelet therapies, we draw a sample of your own blood. Then, using a special centrifuge  we separate out the platelets to create a biocompatible concentrate.

Getting PRP injections is essentially like getting a daily boost of vitamins for your skin! You get a boost of benefits however only for a short period of time.

While PRP has proven to be successful, PRF is next generation PRP. Fibrin is what platelets bind to as they circulate through your blood. When platelets bind to fibrin they release growth factors which help to start the healing process by creating new collagen, blood vessels, and skin cells.

When using PRF, the beneficial properties remain in your tissues for several weeks after your injection which will optimize the effects of the treatment.

Starting at $450.

Benefits & uses of Each:

Certain areas of medicine, especially orthopedics, have been turning to PRP/PRF therapy to help accelerate healing of both hard and soft tissues. On the aesthetics side, we’ve found great success in using this practice to rejuvenate aging skin and to address hair loss.

Not only do we offer traditional PRF, but we now offer PRF EZ GEL! This amazing new treatment, utilizes a combination of your albumin that we have heated then cooled to form a “gel” which also contains your PRF. These two are then blended together to form your own natural filler!

We can use this anywhere on the face and body that is experiencing volume loss and needs skin rejuvenation. EZ Gel is a great alternative for those who do not want or can’t handle regular HA fillers.

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