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Woman receiving Oxygeneo Facial Treatment in Lemont, Illinois at Solana Aesthetics and Wellness Spa


The OxyGeneo™ Facial is a 3 -in-1 treatment that exfoliates, oxygenates, and infuses skin with various nutrients and vitamins. 

It’s a completely non-invasive treatment that doesn’t require the use of any lasers, blades or injections. 

It’s essentially a superpowered facial that purifies clogged pores, rejuvenates dry skin, and creates a smooth skin surface.

Our licensed estheticians administer OxyGeneo™ facials, and they use a device that creates a suction that you’ll barely feel. 

Not only are the effects of OxyGeneo™ facials fantastic for your skin, but with the absence of lasers and injections, you’ll feel calm and at ease during the treatment.

OxyGeneo™ treatment begins by exfoliating the upper layer of skin, which opens clogged pores and clears away dead skin cells. 

This phenomenon is known as the Bohr Effect, and it’s incredible at smoothing your skin’s surface.

The process also creates an abundance of CO₂ bubbles in the upper-skin layer, which causes a rush of oxygen to the skin. 

The OxyGeneo™ treatment helps create the Bohr Effect and takes advantage of your body’s natural process of producing oxygen rich blood. 

The CO₂ bubbles cause a physical response from your body that encourages a large quantity of oxygen to be sent to your skin. This in turn increases blood flow and skin renewal. 

The third effect of the OxyGeneo™ tool is that by oxygenating the skin, it infuses the facial skin cells with active ingredients such as nutrients and vitamins, which encourages bright and healthy skin.

OxyGeneo™ is a catch-all facial that combines intense exfoliation with hydration. This means that it is more effective than a microdermabrasion or traditional facial, but less impactful and pricey than a full-on laser treatment. 

Oxygeneo facials provide a solid improvement for most topical problems, as the facials are great for sensitive skin and improve texture. 

Solana encourages you to ask your healthcare provider about your specific skin needs, but OxyGeneo™ is fantastic for most skin conditions.

Because OxyGeneo™ doesn’t require any lasers or injections, people who’ve received the treatment describe it as “soothing” and “relaxing.” 

Solana guests especially prefer this treatment because there isn’t any inflammation or recovery time, and results can be seen and felt after the first treatment.

Unlike a laser treatment, this facial treatment has no downtime, as OxyGeneo™ facials immediately leave your skin feeling softer and brighter and give your skin a much more refined texture. 

How long the effects last depends on the quality of your skincare routine after the treatment, so it is important to follow steps given to you by your esthetician to keep the high flow of oxygen to your skin.

OxyGeneo™ facials also cause the skin to produce more hyaluronic acid, which is something your body produces to retain moisture. 

Once the OxyGeneo™ facial is complete, you’ll notice that your skin feels plump, hydrated and looks brighter. You’ll also notice that your pores are less visible, and that any hyperpigmentation of the skin has been reduced.

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