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Feeling dehydrated? Our hydrating IV gives you the hydrating uplift your body needs (IV Includes: 500cc or 1000cc of IV fluids).

The human body uses water for a number of daily purposes like waste disposal, thermoregulation, blood and oxygen circulation, digestion, and many more essential functions.  Most importantly, a hydrated body allows us to stay energized and active during the day. That’s why you’ll notice that when you stop drinking water, you might experience low energy or more frequent
headaches. It’s worth noting that staying hydrated is also extremely important for successful weight loss (for anyone that’s hitting the gym without their water bottle).

Water composes about 75% of our bodies and water is crucial for many functions in the body. Water helps with chemical reactions, works as an enzyme to aid with digestion, and is the base for your blood and the transmission of neurotransmitters. Dehydration affects every portion of your body including skin, hair, teeth, and nails. Your moods depend on being hydrated and you may not operate at 100% if you are dehydrated.

Occasionally work and life gets busy, and we may forget to drink water and start experiencing dehydration symptoms. Here are some of the symptoms you might feel if you are dehydrated:

Dry mouth
Muscle weakness

To avoid dehydration symptoms and keep your body working optimally, Solana Aesthetics hydrating IV is just what you need. A session at our med spa will get your body back on track towards feeling hydrated and productive.

IV fluids quickly deliver fluids directly into your bloodstream. IVs are both fast and effective.

If you start feeling common dehydration symptoms and need a quick way to hydrate, call Solana and make an appointment for a hydrating IV session. Solana will be happy to help you get back on your feet.

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