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August 30, 2020 by 0 Comments

What are the best non-surgical breast lift methods?

In the beauty conscious world, people are constantly looking to find different types of solutions to look attractive and natural. But the idea of opting for surgical procedures could be scary, but thanks to the advanced technological inventions that don’t demand invasions while also delivering natural outcomes. Similarly, non-surgical breast lift methods or Breast Rejuvenation have achieved more approval across the globe due to their non-invasiveness, less downtime, and more natural-looking outcomes. Due to all these reasons, women are opting for these methods to ignite youthfulness in them.

What are the best non-surgical breast lift methods?

Aptos threading:
This Aptos threading procedure was planned to move the skin around the breast area upwards. This treatment employs tiny barbed Aptos threads and so the procedure holds the name “breast feather lift”. A specialist will enclose the thread under the skin through a hypodermic needle followed by securing of threads and pulling them in the direction of the collarbone. Even with the use of implanted threads, the Aptos procedure is a non-surgical procedure with results lasting for around 2 years and not leaving any scars behind as threads dissolve in the process.

Laser treatments:
Laser treatment makes use of powerful energy lasers to eliminate the dead skin cells promoting the development of collagen. Due to these benefits, the laser procedure is usually used in treating age spots, wrinkles, and scars. Enhanced collagen production promotes the enhancement of skin elasticity in the area but these results are not permanent. There will be the necessity of repeated treatments for noticeable results. Facial skin tissue ligaments respond well for laser treatments but the skin type is not the same near the breast region. Hence, the results might not be the same with laser treatments. Also, laser treatments have an added risk of bleeding, scarring, and pain.

It is a type of procedure that promotes the production of collagen. It employs radio waves to aid in stiffening the protein fibers inside the skin region. A skin specialist or surgeon employs a device called a Thermacool that aids in carrying radio waves inside the skin. Once the treatment is completed, you will observe a skin with enhanced elasticity. Natural curves in the body will be increased by the tensed collagen fibers. But the results are temporary as you will need to repeat the procedure at regular intervals. It is best suited for cases that involve mild sagging. It has not provided ideal results for individuals with moderate to severe sagging issues. The profound ligaments in the skin tissues are not reachable to the treatment type offered by Thermage.

Dermal fillers
Dermal fillers that are usually employed for treating the skin issues in the face area are also used for treating the breast region. The dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid (HA)-based dermal fillers like JuvĂŠderm and Restylane. Regularly used dermal filler in these procedures is Sculptra that is a ply-L lactic acid that stays in the body for several months after it is injected. It encourages the skin to develop new collagen in the treated area. But these types of fillers are not largely recommended for the breast region due to the lack of support from research on their positive results.

Botox injections:
Botulinum toxin (Botox) injections operate by relaxing the muscles beneath the skin and create a soothing effect on the surface. It was initially developed and used only for treating fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck. But it has also been approved for treating long-time migraine issues. These injections are also used by some doctors in the thoracic region to treat drooping shoulders but without the approval from FDA. The results from Botox injections on the breast region are minor and only last for around 4 months.

Bras are employed to offer ease and support the breasts. With the advent of technology, bras are available in different designs, types, colors, and types of fabrics. You have to choose the best one which is suitable for your breasts without causing any discomfort. A best fitting bra could be one of the highly reasonable and accessible options to lift the breasts. Wearing a proper bra will help in supporting your breasts and avoid them from sagging. You could determine the right fitting bra for your breasts and change them if you need to get the best results.

Chest exercises:
Regular exercise will help in eliminating body fat and build muscles. Certain exercises aid in strengthening the body and tone the muscles. Chest exercises like push-ups, parallel bar dips aid in hitting the chest region and help to gain strength in the muscles. There are many types of exercises for chest region that are tried and tested by experts which serve the purpose. Some of the chest exercises are barbell bench press, dumbbell press, chest fly’s , cable cross overs, etc. These exercises will surely aid in gaining strength and toning the muscles but they will not produce the same results as in other specific cosmetic procedures. These exercises will be helpful if you want to keep your skin elasticity intact and solve the issues of any minor sagging. Do not start by yourself if you are new to these exercises, but take the help from an expert.

It is an expert procedure performed by injecting platelet-rich plasma into the breasts area. It works by correcting the balance, develops smoother cleavage, and brings back the sensitivity to the nipples. Fatty tissue and new collagen are developed helping to rejuvenate lost volume and texture to the breasts. But this procedure has to be performed under the supervision of expert aesthetic clinics such as Solana aesthetics and wellness.

Bottom line:

If you are facing any issue in breasts due to aging, pregnancy, or weight loss it is advised to consult an experienced specialist who will treat the problem precisely. Experts in Solana aesthetics and wellness center will offer the best non-surgical breast rejuvenation solutions and help in restoring the lost confidence.

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